Classy King proved the difference

Kanu causes trouble for Barnsley
Kanu causes trouble for Barnsley

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The match with Barnsley was probably the worst game I’ve seen at Fratton Park this season.

But show me a Pompey fan who cares about that?

The victory is what was needed and that’s what counts.

We all went away happy on Saturday night because we got the win.

Both sides had a lot of players who didn’t perform.

There were bad passes and people miscontrolling the ball.

It was a poor game but we stuck in there and the game changed with introduction of Kanu.

There were a few dissenting voices because it was Joel Ward coming off.

That situation was about adding Kanu’s quality to the game and that’s what won the match for us.

His guile, cleverness and thought in his play made the difference and got us over the line.

Barnsley created virtually nothing in the second-half and one or two odd bits before that.

Now the gap is nine points from the bottom three.

That’s not enough but it is a big enough gap to give us some breathing space.

David Cotterill’s debut was steady and he allows us to get to 4-4-2 more easily.

He can play left or right and I thought he was positive when he got the ball.

That is something we have to focus on – we have to get the ball out to him all the time.

He showed decent quality from set-pieces. Overall it was a decent debut but I think there is a lot more to come from him.

I’ve seen Cotterill a few times before and there was a lot of hype around him when he was with Bristol City.

He will contribute something exciting to the team if you can get the ball out to him.

A clean sheet was another bonus for us.

Two games and two clean sheets. It’s good news.

Ricardo Rocha and Greg Halford bring a bit more calmness on the ball at the back.

There are fewer heart-in-mouth moments and fewer obvious mistakes with those two.

You don’t feel the same nervousness with those two as you do others.

Their displays were a big positive for us, though. No doubt.

This season is about staying in the Championship.

This was a win closer to achieving that goal, so it’s job done.