Clear the runways! Gibbs is coming Christmas shopping

The aftermath of Tuesday's flash floods in Coverack, Cornwall.

VERITY LUSH: Water – a force of nature which we should respect

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Have you heard about the weather in New York at the moment? I couldn’t believe it when I saw the photos. It’s covered in deep snow which is unseasonal for the region for this time of year.

Guess what? We’re off to New York City in a few weeks with my mum and her friend.

It will be their first visit so we’re all super-excited.

NYC is the best place in the world to be at Christmas.

The last time I went at this time of year it was cold and did snow a bit, which gave the city a beautiful, magical glow.

But it was nothing like the pictures we’re seeing now on our televisions.

Let’s hope it clears up soon because with people being banned from using their cars because of the weather, what hope do we have of the runways being clear?