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Poor old Jack, 10 months old and still no sign of any teeth.

I admire his resolve though, he manages to chomp his way through most things with just his gums. Carrot sticks, apples and more recently, dog.

Babies use their mouths like a sensory exploration tool, from food through to doors, they’re more than happy to try anything – living or otherwise.

It’s all part of a baby’s development and can be an indicator that teeth are starting to cut their way through the gums.

I’ve got a well-tempered and open-minded Border Collie and I’m working on the pair of them getting used to each other in a safe and measured way.

When Jack moved in for a loving hug, I thought we were making headway – then he pulled out of the hug leaving a trail of goober on the hound and spluttering away on his own furball.

He reminds me of a baby-faced toothless Jaws from the Bond films.