Come on Macca, it’s time to drop those thumbs-up now

Lesley says we could live without electronics on flights

LESLEY KEATING: Shouldn’t there be a total ban on electronic devices on planes?

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I’ve been a fan of the Beatles for 50 years, but there was always something about Paul McCartney which got on my nerves – and nothing has changed in all that time.

It was encapsulated in the geeky thumbs-up sign and stupid face he pulled after receiving the French Legion of Honour for services to music from President Francois Hollande.

It was an occasion which called for mature behaviour even if a statesmanlike demeanour was expecting a bit much – yet McCartney acted like a 10-year-old at his first school speech day.

He has always been the Beatle who craved fame and recognition more than the others.

But he still chooses to pretend that such honours mean little to him.

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