Connected kids haven’t a clue

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Our kids are growing up in the amazing ‘connected’ generation.

Previously, if you or I wanted to find out how long the Great Wall of China is and we didn’t have the correct books, we’d wait until the next day, head to the library and leaf through a reference book, eventually finding the answer – 5,500 miles.

From question to answer in around 10-15 hours.

Our children can get the answer in three seconds.

Now, one third of children under 10 have a mobile phone, many with smart phones so they can access Facebook, Twitter and the entire web.

Yet many children wouldn’t have a clue about how to take out a library book.

It’s not just children with amazing phones either.

I saw a homeless chap in Southsea last week who was making a video call to someone.

Firstly, who is he making a video call to?

And secondly, how come he has a better phone than me?