Could the events in Egypt happen on our own streets?

European workers including nurses, social workers and teaching assistants protest outside the Houses of Parliament in London before lobbying MPs over their right to remain in the UK.  Picture: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

RICK JACKSON: Why aren’t we on the streets protesting about Brexit?

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I think it would be wrong to let the events in Egypt pass by without comment.

But how can people like us, living in Great Britain, even begin to understand what the people are going through?

On the one hand I admire the people for their courage in overthrowing a government they don’t want.

But people are dying, with hundreds killed on Wednesday last week as the military cleared two pro-Morsi camps in Cairo.

Sometimes I wonder whether we are devolving. The Ancient Egyptians gave us science and technology, and performed almost miraculous feats of engineering. So if this kind of thing can happen in a country like that, why not here?

Let’s not forget our own riots of two years ago... and learn from them.