Criticism aimed at Amy’s family is just so wrong

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It’s very easy to see the people in the showbusiness world merely as topics for discussion. What they get up to often dominates the headlines in today’s national media.

Rightly or wrongly, we now live in a celebrity-obsessed age. Many enjoy following every story about the lives of the rich and famous (and plenty more do it but don’t admit it) .

Whether through curiosity or the desire to be like them, we all know what’s going on with the person who happens to be ‘flavour of the month’ in the tabloids and magazines.

This week all the discussion has been about the death of Amy Winehouse at the age of just 27.

I realise that me discussing her is going to bring about a fair amount of controversy, given the appalling loss of life on a massive scale that has happened in Norway.

Both tragedies have been played out in the world’s media and some are critical of the fact that Amy’s death has received the same amount of coverage or more than that of horrific events on the island of Utoya.

But whatever publicity has been given to Amy’s death is purely down to the national media. They decided to fill the front pages with it.

I remember the Dunblane massacre in Scotland, which happened when I was at school.

Hearing about the loss of so many innocent young lives has brought all those memories back and my thoughts and prayers go out to their family, friends and the people of Norway.

But any loss, regardless of status, celebrity or circumstance, is tragic.

Yes, it’s true to say Amy Winehouse had an enormously troubled past. Some may say she brought about her own downfall.

But having an addiction is not something that one can control – hence the name.

I can think of nothing worse than feeling so low in my life that I would turn to drugs or alcohol just to feel a little better.

Now, at the worst possible time in their lives, her family have had to put up with people criticising the way Amy lived her life.

And that’s wrong, so very wrong.