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I love my job. Every day is different. I am surrounded by positive people and the children make me laugh every day.

But there are moments when I regret my decision not to be rich and famous!

Last week, with the constant banging of workmen replacing stolen lead from the roof, I was wrestling with the questions: What to do about the new phonics tests? Whether to become an academy? How to cover for three sick dinner ladies at two hours’ notice? What to do about the influx of Moshi Monster cards?

When I looked up to see a small child waving a book at me – I couldn’t say for how long – and beaming with pride. It was a reading record book which showed he had read at home every day last week.

We’ve put a lot of effort into improving the teaching of reading but real progress is only possible if children practise at home. This can be a tricky business with the distractions of computer games, TV, Facebook, football. But the secret is creating within the children, a love of reading.

As a child I was encouraged to love reading by sharing football programmes with my dad. There are lots of great reading materials that can engage children of all interests. Our teachers read to their pupils every day and I can tell you today’s children still love a good adventure story.

And as if out of a dream, I snapped back into reality. I gave the happy child a scented sticker and got back to thinking...Should we ban hooded tops from school?