Delighted that down-to-earth Babs could be a talent judge

A Guildhall vigil for victims of the Manchester bombing. Picture: Keith Woodland

BLAISE TAPP: Finding some light in the darkest of times for Britain

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I interviewed ‘Peggy’ once – sorry, I mean Barbara Windsor. It was at the Laurence Olivier Awards, which is basically the Oscars of the theatre world.

There I was, sandwiched directly in between the BBC and OK! trying to get a chat with her with these two bigwigs muscling in – they clearly didn’t know at the time who they were dealing with!

Anyway I managed to get her to do her ‘go on, get out of my pub’ routine.

But what I liked so much was how down-to-earth she was, a Londoner who hasn’t forgotten her roots.

So I was delighted to hear that Babs has apparently been lined up to be one of the judges on this year’s Britain’s Got Talent. If anyone has ‘been there and done it’ it’s her. Go for it, Babs.

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