Delightful Dawn is a fantastic ambassador for this country

New-look slimmed-down Dawn French
New-look slimmed-down Dawn French

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Dawn French is one hot mama. The comedian/actress, who has recently shed a staggering eight stone, appeared on ITV’s This Morning on Wednesday looking like a foxy chick and was grinning from ear to ear – and who can blame her?

She’s split with Lenny Henry but is still friends with him, while Simon Cowell has openly spoken about how he wants her to host a new cookery show he is developing.

She no longer has to wear her obligatory ‘make me look slim’ black clothes and now picks bold, beautiful, bright colours that complement her gorgeous smile.

I think she’s fab, a lovely lady inside and out and a great ambassador for the UK – a rarity in today’s celebrity and reality TV- obsessed world.