Determination and passion is what makes a difference

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So, anything much happen last week?

The columnists before me have already written about the passing of Baroness Thatcher, so I shall not repeat what they’ve said.

And within the pages of The News I’ve already waxed lyrical about Pompey’s momentous day in the High Court on Wednesday, so I won’t go on about it in detail.

But one thing’s for sure, passions were running high last week.

I may not have been there when Sol lifted the cup at Wembley in 2008, or when Pompey played AC Milan at Fratton Park.

But I was watching on television and I can hand on heart say that Wednesday gave me just as many butterflies in my stomach as those games.

I was so proud to be there in the court, sitting amongst the people who have been working so hard, have been fighting battles on all fronts, and who have sacrificed so much to get their club where it is.

No-one can predict the future. But as someone said to me on Thursday, when I was at Fratton Park to talk to people there, ‘the cream has risen to the top’.

It’s a lesson to us all – if you want something badly enough, you’ll fight for it, you’ll work for it and, eventually, you’ll get it.

Nothing in life comes easily, but the biggest rewards are the ones you have to fight hardest for.

If we want role models for children, then all we have to do is look in our own back yard.

Let’s cast our minds back a year to when Olympic fever was just beginning, and the sight of Team GB’s athletes on the podium was still in the future.

We had no idea then how much our own chests would swell with pride at the sight of them, how we would care about their achievements.

And let’s remember a medal pursuit of a different kind, when the fight for the Arctic Star was eventually won and awarded to veterans after years of effort.

If we could bottle that kind of determination and add it to Portsmouth’s water supply, we’d live in the best place on earth.

Because the only people who can make a difference are us, fuelled by a passion about where we live and what we do.