Did you get it right?

Children adore being spoilt by their grandparents, but is it too much?

VERITY LUSH: Don’t blame gran for kids munching on e-numbers

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And here are the questions men should have asked themselves before buying that all important present for their partner.

Will I be able to stand the vicious physical attack she’ll launch on me if I buy her this diet cookbook?

Is £3.99 really enough to spend on her main present?

Is she really as big a fan of the new Medal of Honour video game as I am?

Regardless of how sleek or modern it looks, can I really not think of a better Christmas gift than a motorised garlic crusher?

And am I really going to be with my partner long enough to warrant getting her something that’s guaranteed for 25 years?

Having got through that minefield, I hope you all have a happy New Year. 
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