Do you think that I’m going to stuff food down my bra?

European workers including nurses, social workers and teaching assistants protest outside the Houses of Parliament in London before lobbying MPs over their right to remain in the UK.  Picture: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

RICK JACKSON: Why aren’t we on the streets protesting about Brexit?

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I was in the supermarket the other day doing my weekly shop.

As I reached the checkout, the bright young thing behind the conveyor belt glanced up at me and asked if I’d like a bag.

‘Excuse me?’ I said.

She repeated the question, to which I replied: ‘What do you think? I have £80 worth of groceries here, how on earth do you reckon I’m going to get them home?

‘Put them in my pocket? Stuff them down my bra?

‘Do you really think I want my boobs smelling of ripe camembert?’

She went bright red and stuttered: ‘N-n-n-n-no, of course not,’trying not to giggle.

Supermarket checkout workers, please take notice of what people are purchasing before you ask daft questions!