Don’t be beaten by the system

Bryan Ferry

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Dealing with ‘the system’ due to Ma’s dementia has been an absolute nightmare, folks.

There are so many different organisations – PCC Financial Service, NHS, adult care services and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

The DWP has been especially challenging.

A few months ago I had to stand in my own flat with a photo of myself and a recent utility bill to prove I was ME when their representative came to visit.

And then they messed up and shut down my mother’s account down.

So last week when a DWP lady phoned me with a question, but first had to ask security questions, I answered: ‘Hey you phoned me. Where’s my security?’

So I refused to answer her questions, and said: ‘Put it in writing.’

Don’t let government departments browbeat you folks.

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