Don’t forget about the great work of the RNLI

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If you say to someone “tell me who the emergency services are?”, they’ll reel off the usual list of police fire and ambulance.

But there’s one that’s very often left off the list and is particularly important in our part of the world – the RNLI.

It might not be everyone who has a boat or who regularly goes in the sea, but you can bet it doesn’t take many family of friend connections to find someone you know that does.

So today’s article about retiring RNLI senior helm Paul Lewis should be one everyone should read.

He is retiring from the job after 19 years at the age of 45, as rules dictate.

And over his time he, along with his lifeboat’s crew, will have played his part in hundreds of rescues.

As he recounts, those rescues can be extremely dramatic, from children stuck in sinking mud, to trapped horses.

Modestly, Paul says: ‘The crews area a really nice group of people who do a worthwhile job saving lives.’

Now how many people can say that after a day at the office?

So let’s not forget about the men and women that make up these crews and sometimes risk their own lives to save those of others.

We live on the coast and the sea is there for all of our enjoyment, but it’s the RNLI that will provide that security blanket should trouble come our way.

People like Paul who work tirelessly to make the sea as safer place as possible for everyone.

So next time you see an RNLI collection box, drop a few coins in and think about the great work the organisation does, while Paul enjoys his well-earned rest.