Dummy loss will take time

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By the time Caitlin reached her first birthday, we’d already weaned her off her dummy.

We knew that a dummy stuck in her mouth all day would discourage her from talking.

We were right, because as soon as we took the dummy away from her; she turned into a little chatterbox.

Alyssa is now three months past her first birthday, so it’s her turn to get through the day and night without her dummy.

You’d think she’d be grateful, having had the pleasure of it much longer than her big sister.

But the last few days without her dummy have not been easy.

Trying to calm and comfort her without it takes much longer and getting her off to sleep is so much more difficult.

It would be so easy to give in and give it back to her, but in a few days she’ll forget she ever had a dummy.

And best of all, mummy and daddy won’t be getting up in the night to put it back in.