Ear’s to a good night’s sleep

Michael Eisner

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As I have no darling of my dreams to dive down under the duckdown with at beddybyes time, I massage my ears.

Such an exciting life darlings!

Back in the ’90s, my acupuncturist fitted a small stud just inside my ear to help with weight loss. When I wanted to stuff my face, I’d press the stud which sent signals to my stomach that ‘told me’ I wasn’t hungry.

Well it sort of worked.

So when I read on the internet about auriculotherapy (ear acupressure) helping with numerous conditions, including alleviating insomnia, I thought I’d give it a try.

If I massage my ears at bedtime, I sleep.

If I don’t, I have a restless night. Coincidence? Who cares, it works.

Finally, to all motormouths....God gave you two ears and one mouth.

Listen twice as hard as you talk.

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