Effect of time change on the ferries makes my brain hurt

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I’m sure many of you have been an hour early or late for something after forgetting about altering our clocks when British Summertime begins or ends.

But Saturday night could see me stranded if I get it wrong! I’m DJing on the Isle of Wight and am due to return to the mainland on the 2.15am ferry. But will it run at 2.15am BST or GMT?

At 1am GMT the ferry will be in Portsmouth. But 1am GMT will become 2am BST, so does the 2.15am actually leave at 3.15am?

To add to the confusion, a call to Wightlink shows the 2.15am will now be at 2.50am BST, 1.50am GMT.

So those who forget to alter their watches/clocks will miss the 2.15am by 25 minutes! My brain hurts!