English 'supermen' need to put the champagne on ice

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Short of cracking open the Champagne and holding street parties, you would think England had already won The Ashes.

It has been open season for poking fun at the Aussies and revelling in their cricketing misery.

Good judges are telling captain Ricky Ponting to quit and some desperados are even calling for a comeback for 41-year-old Shane Warne.

More ridicule is being heaped on the selectors for choosing unknown rookie spinner Michael Beer for this week's Perth test.

All of a sudden, we are invited to believe, Australia are hopeless at cricket and England are supermen.

There is no doubt that, so far, a polished and well-drilled England look by far the better side in every department, particularly bowling.

But wait a minute. The series stands at 1-0 with three to play.

England have won nothing yet, so it is no time for triumphalism.

It would be entirely in keeping with the outrageous slings and arrows of sporting fortune if there was to be a twist in the plot.

The long break between the drubbing in Adelaide and the Perth Test is in Australia's favour.

It gives them time to regroup and recover mentally.

England, meanwhile, have lost the injured Stuart Broad, while Jimmy Anderson will be playing jet-lagged after a trip home for the birth of his child. Complacency is a danger.

In Test cricket, it can take just one session or a day for the balance of power to shift again.

Having said all that, the planning for this tour has been so meticulous that the last people to believe all the publicity will be the England team.

They will be braced for an attempted Australian comeback in Perth. There are many dramas still to come in this series.

The evidence suggests England will retain the Ashes but let's wait until they do before starting the victory parade.