Fancy cars are all very well, but traffic jams are no fun

European workers including nurses, social workers and teaching assistants protest outside the Houses of Parliament in London before lobbying MPs over their right to remain in the UK.  Picture: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

RICK JACKSON: Why aren’t we on the streets protesting about Brexit?

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I was a spectator at my first school prom last week.

Wow, the sparkle, the glitz, the glamour but, most of all, the vehicles.

Prom-goers were arriving in vintage buses, on Harley Davidsons, on a gun (yes, seriously, a gun) and a variety of marvellous-looking cars.

Thing is though, the queue to be seen getting out of, or descending from on top of, each fancy vehicle was so extraordinary long, I should think a goodly portion of the evening was lost while they waited in line to make their entrance.

If it was me, I’d like to think that I’d scooter in (as I can’t rollerskate) or even penny board (how hard can it be?).

Fancy cars are all very well.

But, let’s face it, traffic jams are not.