Feminism? We rather like fellas, but want equal rights to them

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I know women in top management careers being paid less than men in the same executive positions.

According to website Mumsnet, feminism is dead. Meanwhile, last week a national newspaper article had the headline ‘Feminism – a spent force for the 21st century’.

Well darlings, my divine double D dumplings bristled, as did those of many of my girliepals from the ’60s.

We remember the bra-burning feminists fighting for the equality of women. And now 21st century women are saying they don’t need feminist activists, as they’ve got it all.

Really? Like all action groups there are the extremes, and the bloke-bashing feminists drive me bonkers.

Most of my girliepals rather like fellas.

We just want equal rights, especially when it comes to being paid the same money for the same job.

It’s 2012, and I still know women in top management careers being paid less money than men in the same executive positions. That’s just not on!

So, young ladies, you may think that feminism issues are not relevant these days.

Well, just remember – some people are more equal than others.

And finally...female flab and how to disguise it.

There’s been quite a furore over the latest M&S advert showing its new sexy shapewear collection.

M&S might have thought that images of size 8-16 models with flat stomachs and undimpled thighs would appeal to real women.

But there’s been a backlash of complaints from the sisterhood.

So off I toddled to a Southsea department store to check out their female body sculpting armour...I mean underwear.

Only two choices of colours, yukky nude and black. Sooo not sexy dear.

You’d need biceps of steel to haul some of the sculpting knickers on.

And in the article I read, one tester admitted it took her 10 minutes to wriggle out of her control pants. And this is equality!

There is constant pressure on women to look in perfect shape whatever their age.

Hello? Where are the body sculpting undies for big fat beer-bellied men, eh?

Exactly. I rest my frilly ‘floozie’ underwear.

I say take me or leave me, wobbly bits ’n’ all.