Finding jewels among the junk

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Isn’t it strange how a pair of shoes that can fit in the palm of your hand can reduce an oversized man to tears.

We’re in the process of clearing out a lot of unused/outgrown/junk from our house at the moment.

It’s a natural process before more arrives during the forthcoming seasonal celebrations.

But what does one do with cute little baby clothes?

Part of me wants to hold on to a baby-grow or two but realistically I know it will just sit in a bin liner in the loft and then I’ll throw it out in six years’ time.

Then there is the must-have item that every underachieving father will buy in hope for their prodigal son – the first pair of trainers.

Unblemished – as newborns aren’t particularly athletic – and boxed, I’ve put Jack’s first pair of trainers to one side as a little memento, just in case he makes it to the big stage.

Well I did, until the wife told me we can get £7 for them on eBay.