For now I’m really enjoying my peaceful karma bubble

Mo Farrah after missing out on a gold medal
				 Picture: Adam Davy

VERITY LUSH: Leave me to browse the make-up counter in peace

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I’ve been challenging myself not to complain out loud.

No whingeing, no whining. I aim to make the most of things, or change them to the best of my ability, and not spread my misery while I’m at it.

This is very difficult for me as I’m a naturally cynical person.

But do you know what? It has actually made me happier.

I bored myself for the first two days, whining in my head before realising how dull I must be to other people.

So now I’ve given up complaining even to myself.

Will this change stick? Possibly not as there has yet to be anything which has really fired up my ire.

But for now I’m really enjoying my peaceful karma bubble.