From Conan Doyle and Teddy bears to the old pier games

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RICK JACKSON: Orange skies, pungent pongs and trumpets from heaven – what a world!

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After all these years, I’ve finally (and I’m ashamed it’s taken me so long) got myself in gear and visited the Portsmouth City Museum.

What a treasure it is. It features an eclectic mix of displays and hands-on activities – from the Arthur Conan Doyle displays through the history of Portsmouth and into a Teddy bear exhibition (which the ankle-biting brigade will love as they get to dress up as, yep that’s right, bears).

I particularly liked the Portsmouth at Play section that looks at the development of our sunny beach culture (when will that return, she asks with a sigh) and the joyfulness of the old pier games which handily take modern day coins.

And, even better, entrance and parking is free. What’s not to like?