Frustrating, but pintas on the doorstep made it worthwhile

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You used to see them everywhere, but now they’re a dying breed. The electric milk float is no more and the milkman is becoming as rare as hens’ teeth.

Back in the day, they were everywhere. Unigate, Daily Crest and Express were all common sights on our streets.

In the end I contacted the call centre three times, which included being told to wait an hour for my account to be registered

In the 1970s, 99 per cent of milk was delivered. Now it’s below five per cent.

The old plodding, clanking electric milk floats would fill us with nostalgic pride if we saw one today – at least until we got stuck behind one on the way to work!

They have now been replaced with another traditional favourite, the Ford Transit.

With a one-year-old son, you have to make sure everything is fresh.

Although buying a four or six-pint bottle of milk from the supermarket is much, much cheaper, it sits around in your fridge for quite a while.

So the idea was to have a good old-fashioned pinta delivered every day, as fresh is best.

Back in the day you would look up the number of the milk depot in the phone book and order, or you’d speak to a milkman on his round.

Not today. Now it’s all online.

I found setting up my account very frustrating.

In the end I contacted the call centre three times, which included being told to wait an hour for my account to be registered.

By then I was losing patience.

When finally told my account was up and running, I went to log in.

Now the website was down for maintenance, all day, on a Sunday. Crazy!

Having milk delivered was essential not so long ago, but now it’s a luxury unless you’re not as able to get to the supermarket as others.

But the difficulty I found in ordering online could be the final nail in the delivery coffin.

If I’d had less patience or was maybe not so confident on the internet, they would have lost custom and maybe someone’s livelihood.

Tuesday morning made up for it though. Two fresh bottles of milk on the doorstep, just like the good old days.

After all the hassle, it was still worth it!