Gaga's not often accused of being underexposed

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Lady Gaga's forthcoming LP, Born This Way, has been named the most anticipated album of 2011 in a list compiled by MTV.

She has also been attracting celebrity fans, with Bryan Ferry gushing over her, comparing her to Otis Redding and Miles Davis.

The Roxy Music singer has always been attracted to musicians with a 'visual flair', apparently.

Lady Gaga has also unveiled her new instant camera collection for Polaroid at the 2011 consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. According to some, the snaps sometimes come out underexposed. Now that's not a term you usually associate with Lady Gaga.

Robert Plant has suggested that he almost cannot relate to Led Zeppelin. The singer admitted to being frustrated by continued speculation that the band would reform again after their one-off show in 2007. He said: 'It was an amazing evening. The preparations for it were fraught and intense, but the last rehearsal was really, really good, for all that it represented and all that we were trying to capture.'

Tim McGraw has sparked rumours that Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has been taking influence from country music, after revealing that his wife Faith Hill recently wrote a number of songs with him.

Jamie Cullum has revealed that he plans to take piano lessons in 2011. The singer, who has released five piano-lead albums including 2003s Twentysomething, admitted that, after taking singing lessons this year, he has been inspired to learn the instrument he has not been taught for more than 20 years.

Noel Gallagher has joined a new Love Music Love Food Project in association with Teenage Cancer Trust.

The project features stars pictured with their favourite food or drink. He's seen sipping a cup of tea, while mucka Paul Weller plumps for a latte. The Courteeners Liam Fray was pictured clasping a handful of chilli peppers.

And finally this week, Cheryl Cole is said to have sealed her romance with Derek Hough by sharing a public kiss with him on New Year's Eve. Having said that, Geordie girl snogging bloke on New Year's Eve is not exactly news, is it?