Girls, can’t you see Peter is cheesier than a ripe Brie?

STEVE CANAVAN: Take note of why I love this country so much

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What is it about Peter Andre? Hundreds turned up to see him at a perfume store in Gunwharf Quays last weekend, while an amazing 6,000 were at Asda in Bedhampton a while back for an album signing.

Famous for one hit in the ’90s and far from the world’s greatest singer, why have our females fallen head over heels for this Antipodean?

Is it Peter’s nice personality, seen by millions on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, and his love affair with Katie Price?

Come on girls, he might have a stomach you can wash clothes on and a nature softer than a marshmallow.

But why can’t you see that he’s cheesier than the ripest Brie?

And no, I’m not jealous!