Give me Becks in his pants over perfume ad pouters

COMMENT: Going above and beyond is all in a day’s work at QA

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You don’t have to get a kick out of seeing David Beckham in his pants to cheer the fact that adverts featuring him in his undies won’t be banned.

Ofcom investigated whether the posters for retailer H&M were too sexy and, more specifically, unsuitable for children to see.

But when did we get so prudish? It’s just a man – a very buff man, admittedly – in his under-crackers.

Most kids will see their dad wandering around in his threadbare boxers at some point. And there’s nothing sexy about that.

Far more damaging are the adverts featuring semi-naked women squeezed into push-up bras and lolling around outdoors. Perfume ads are the worst.

So until they go, it’s right to let Becks stay.