Great fun, but playing the teacher taught us a lesson

Jez learns the art of crowd control
Jez learns the art of crowd control
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As everybody returned to school for the autumn term our boss at The Breeze decided to send us back to school, but there was a bit of a twist... we weren’t sitting at the back of the class throwing paper aeroplanes. No, we were the teachers.

Jez: When we arrived at Crestwood College, Eastleigh, we were told we were going to be teaching an English Literature class, gym class, and an ICT lesson, plus helping serve lunch in the canteen and patrol the playground during break time.

The experience was actually great fun and the kids were fine on the whole, although I did find myself slightly out of my depth in the ICT lesson. Until recently I didn’t know how to turn my predictive text off and the only computer language I knew was Ctrl-Alt-Del, but despite my lack of ICT skills I did manage somehow to make it through the lesson.

If I could choose to do a different job for a week I would not choose teaching.

I’m a transport geek and if it’s big, noisy and moves, I like it.

As a kid I was obsessed with Airfix planes and Hornby train sets, so I would like to be a train driver or an airline pilot.

Lou: My mum always says I should have been a teacher, but I think it’s one of those careers you have to be really passionate about.

Our week at school was great fun, but I don’t think it’s for me.

I don’t particularly enjoy public speaking and we all know that kids are the trickiest audiences.

The highlight had to be blowing the whistle to signal the end of break time. I was astonished at how instantly the kids started packing up and heading back to lessons. I think I got a little drunk on the power.

If I was able to do my choice of job for a week I think I’d like to try my hand at hairdressing.

I’ve always fancied being able to do beautiful things with my hair beyond my usual scruffy ponytail and whenever I go to the hairdresser I always think how lovely it must be to work in an environment that smells so nice.

However, I’m not sure anyone would let me near their hair with a pair of scissors with less than a week’s training, so I’d best have a re-think.