Have a firm understanding or don’t sign up

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On Thursday there’s an opportunity for Scotland to vote in a referendum for independence.

There has been vast debate over the decision about whether Scotland should separate from the United Kingdom.

Very often young people aren’t targeted in national campaigns that can make vast decisions as they don’t have the power to vote.

They are required to wait until the age of 18. However for the first time in British history, people in Scotland aged 16 and 17 will have the opportunity to vote along with everybody else.

Previously in Teen Talk I touched on votes at 16. I questioned whether young people have enough knowledge to be able to cast a vote.

How many youngsters would vote with understanding if they had the chance?

For pretty much all of us, it’s almost impossible to avoid the forthcoming vote. Everything about Scotland and how it will affect us is all over the news.

Whether Scotland votes to become independent or not, there are consequences for both sides of the border.

At such a young age we are required to make countless decisions which will have an impact on our future. The decisions we make in whatever area may have ramifications at some point.

When we decide to support something, vote for someone or maybe even start something ourselves, do we really understand the rooted reasons for doing so?

I’m a strong believer that if you support something, really have a firm understanding of what it may lead to: good and bad. Otherwise, it’s best to stay out of it; what you may support could potentially shake history and lead to things you weren’t expecting.

Has anyone ever approached you trying to encourage you to sign up to something you know very little about? There was once a time I was enticed into supporting something someone explained, but I put off my support until I had a thorough understanding of what it was.

As soon as I did a fair bit of research into this particular campaign, I was relieved I had.

I had been so close to signing up to something I didn’t agree with, If I had done, I wouldn’t have been true to myself.