He offered up his views as if he represented objectivity

Liam Gallagher

Once again the motorist is being used as a cash cow

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What qualities do politicians need most if they are to survive (let alone succeed) in their febrile profession?

Well, a highly-developed sense of shamelessness and a hide as thick as that of a rhinoceros are foremost among them if John Prescott is anything to go by.

The old rascal occupied the comfy seat next to Michael Portillo on Andrew Neil’s late-night political chat-show last week, and the subject inevitably got round to Westminster and sex scandals.

You might have thought, with his track record, that his lordship would have smiled thinly and looked away – but not a bit of it.

He got stuck into the debate and merrily offered up his blustering views as if he represented the essence of objectivity.

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