Here’s how to get rid of all those rubbish ‘hoarding’ programmes

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I’ve noticed there have been lots of TV shows on recently about hoarders.

They feature people who hoard lots of stuff in their houses and the programme-makers try to find ways to stop them from collecting and keeping so many things.

And there are also loads of TV shows like Cash in the Attic and Flog It, where people do the exact opposite of hoarding and get rid of all the stuff they’ve accumulated over the years.

So, what I want to know is, why don’t the makers of the hoarding shows put these people in touch with the makers of Cash in the Attic and Flog It and save us having to watch a load of boring shows about curing their habit of hoarding?

Because, believe it or not, TV shows about people who store things in their houses aren’t actually that interesting.

Oh well, it’s just a thought!

I don’t mean to make a sexist comment, but what is it about women and superfluous cushions?

So many women I know like to put extra decorative cushions on sofas and beds.

But what actual purpose do they serve apart from looking neat?

If you see a sofa that has loads of extra cushions on it, you end up just chucking them all off so you can sit down, which immediately makes the room untidy, thus negating the whole point of them.

But if you try to sit on the cushions for extra comfort you get told off for putting them out of shape.

It’s as if women would prefer to see the cushions on the sofa than you.

And it’s the same with decorative cushions on a bed.

In order to get into the bed you have to chuck the cushions on the floor.

They serve no purpose because you use your pillows as a neck or head support.

The nice-looking cushions are a complete waste of space.

Can you just cut it out with the decorative cushions, please ladies?

The sofa is designed for a man’s bottom, nothing else!