How I wish football was still the beautiful game

Mo Farrah after missing out on a gold medal
				 Picture: Adam Davy

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I have just cancelled my subscription to Sky Sports.

Sorry if you’ve just spat tea out over your paper in shock, but it is true. After 17 years, I have had enough.

It’s nothing to do with the coverage they supply, no, that is still as brilliant today as it was in 1995.

It’s just I’d rather put that £50 a month towards collecting stamps than lining the massive pockets of those arrogant footballers.

On a serious note, money for me has ruined this wonderful game. I still get pleasure from watching Match of the Day but that’s it.

Players like John Terry, Ashley Cole and Wayne Rooney just make me angry now.

And the honesty of football has been lost inside the corridors of all the multimillionaire footballer’s mansions.

In the ‘90s we enjoyed the flamboyancy of David Ginola, the passion of Paolo Di Canio and the grit and energy of Alan Shearer. I was happy to pay to watch these players.

But as Louis Suarez trips up on another blade of grass and Ashley Cole gets another haircut I feel enough is enough.

As I watched an enthralling first half between Chelsea and Manchester United, I hoped the beautiful game would outshine the egos.

How wrong could I be?

After two red cards, Chelsea lost 3-2 and after the game, the club made an official complaint about referee Mark Clattenburg making ‘inappropriate comments’ to two players.

This coming from a club who defended John Terry, whose former manager Jose Mourinho’s comments saw a European referee take early retirement and receive death threats and who were fined £85,000 after players bullied another referee after losing to Barcelona.

I’m not alone in my distaste for football at the moment.

Maybe the clubs and players will only take notice and realise this when subscriptions fall to a level where they can no longer be paid £200,000 a week?

And as for our beloved Pompey, we might be in the third tier now, but there is a real honesty about the team these days.

All are playing for the shirt.