I’d always thought caravans were cold

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My youngest daughter Alyssa has just enjoyed her first ever holiday.

A rare weekend off work gave us an opportunity to book a few days away.

I didn’t see much point in getting on a plane for just a weekend break, and I didn’t want to spend my time off doing lots of driving, so after a bit of research it was decided we’d head off to a holiday park in Pagham.

It wasn’t too expensive, only a 40-minute drive from home, but far enough away and secluded for it to feel like a holiday.

Although all the reviews I had read online before we set off for our destination were generally favourable, I was still curious and slightly nervous about what might greet us.

I imagined a caravan holiday to be cold, draughty, cramped and damp.

I thought back to the TV comedy show Hi De Hi and wondered if we’d be greeted by entertainment staff who would either be keen and enthusiastic to see us, or grumpy and miserable depending on whether working at the park was a step up or step down the career ladder.

I’m pleased to report my stereotypical thoughts were all wrong.

We did have a very enthusiastic welcome when we arrived, but it was not by any entertainment staff in a bright red or blue outfit.

Instead it was Ray the security man who introduced himself and pointed us in the right direction.

When we found our caravan (after getting a bit lost)  I was shocked with what we found.

It was neither cold, draughty, cramped nor damp. In fact it was warm, spacious, clean and felt homely.

I even think I muttered the words ‘You could live in a place like this’.

Once I worked out how to put together the hired easy to assemble travel cot that turned out to be not so easy to assemble, we left the caravan to explore and start our holiday.

During the evening we would set off to enjoy the entertainment.

In the past they’ve had stars including Chico from The X Factor and ‘80s pop star Sonia, so I was curious to see who would be on stage.

No celebs but the park’s very own blue coated Funstars were there to dance to classics such as the Macerena and the Cha Cha Slide.

I must admit that I occasionally wished I had a Britain’s Got Talent-style buzzer to press so we could move on to the next act, but that’s because most of the entertainment was aimed at the children. At least Caitlin and Alyssa looked like they were having fun.

Overall it was a fantastic holiday and with my batteries now fully recharged I’m already thinking about which caravan I’ll buy when I retire, even though I’ve not yet reached my mid-30s.

I’d better get saving.