I’d like to see Britney settle down and be happy in her life

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According to reports in the US, Britney Spears might be pregnant.

See, what did I tell you? Everyone’s having babies at the moment!

(On that note, I must say a huge congratulations to my brother-in-law, Joe Stewart, and his partner, Keshia Austin, who this week had a baby boy, Charlie.)

Britters was spotted sporting a loose-fit T-shirt with the words ‘the bigger the better’ on the front, leading to speculation that she is preggers by her partner, David Lucado.

Britney is working on her eighth album and planning on opening a residency at a Las Vegas casino, so where she’ll fit in a baby is beyond me.

But I say good luck to her. I’d like to see Britney finally settle down and be happy in her life.