I hate to see my Superman pants swaying on the line

European workers including nurses, social workers and teaching assistants protest outside the Houses of Parliament in London before lobbying MPs over their right to remain in the UK.  Picture: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

RICK JACKSON: Why aren’t we on the streets protesting about Brexit?

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I like to think I’m pretty good around the house.

I cook and I clean. Yes, I’m not the tidiest of men, but I will blitz the house every couple of weeks.

I walk the dogs, I cut the lawn, I’ve even offered to iron but apparently I don’t do it properly!

But there’s just one job I simply hate.

When I come home from work and I find a load of washing in the machine, left for me to hang out.

My heart sinks and my blood boils. She knows I hate it.

Badly loaded, the line leans to one side and the washing doesn’t dry properly.

Plus I hate the sight of my pants swaying on the line, especially my Superman ones.