I just hope they don’t put me on the captain’s table

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I’m off again, this time to Rome and Barcelona. It’s not exactly a holiday, but I’m trying to kind of make it one – you know me, always seizing the opportunity for a bit of downtime!

I do some work with online travel site Travel Dudes, which is like the Facebook of the travel world, and MSC cruises invited Travel Dudes along to participate in a press trip experiencing the luxury cruise liner MSC Splendida.

The editor ‘unfortunately’ couldn’t make it, so he sent me along to test out the ship.

Now there are a few things the editor clearly doesn’t know about me.

One, I’ve never been on a cruise before so the sheer magnitude of the ship will be enough to impress me.

Two, I can only do ‘real posh’ for a limited amount of time, so fingers crossed they don’t put me on the captain’s table for dinner!

And three, the ‘photographer’ I’m taking along for the trip is in fact my other half Matt.

Actually, I did tell them that. I owned up only because I know Matt couldn’t keep up the pretence for very long.

The cruise trip is only for two nights so, taking the opportunity to spend some extra time in Rome and Barcelona, I booked a couple of extra nights at the beginning and end of the cruise so we can have a wander around and see some sights.

I’m looking forward to it, although I can assure you it won’t be all play and no work. Oh no, they get their pound of flesh from you, trust me.

During the few days on board, I have to produce and present three videos about the cruise.

Three! That’s a whole lot of cruise and a whole lot of me talking about a cruise. But hey, I shouldn’t complain – they’re picking up our meal tickets.

As I write this, I’ve packed our bags and we’re ready to go.

I hope and pray with all my might that it’s a slightly more pleasurable experience than last week’s tale of my trip to LA.

Because it won’t matter who’s in the next cabin. If they’re noisy, they’re going to feel my wrath and believe me it won’t be pretty.

Wish me luck!