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Karel Doubleday, who used her mum's blue badge so she could park close to her workplace

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Reading an advert for The Samaritans, who provide confidential and emotional support for people in crisis or despair 24 hours a day, reminded me of the one time I contacted them.

Years ago, while living in domestic violence, I phoned. They do a marvellous job but, on this occasion, not with me.

I started telling my tearful story to the woman on the end of the phone who said: ‘Are you feeling suicidal?’

‘No,’ I replied, continuing with my story.

‘But are you feeling suicidal?’

‘No,’ I answered, confused, and went on with my story.

‘But are you feeling suicidal?’

‘No,’ from me, and more story.

And then: ‘But are you feeling suicidal?’

That did it. I flipped: ‘I wasn’t feeling suicidal before this call, but you keep asking me if I’m feeling suicidal has made me suicidal!’