I knew I’d start to enjoy the honeymoon promise I made

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RICK JACKSON: Why aren’t we on the streets protesting about Brexit?

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Why did I tell my other half, whilst being filmed on honeymoon, that on our return I would run 5k every other day?

Me and my big mouth.

But with the Great South Run looming I needed to dust off the trainers.

The first week was torture.

By Wednesday I was aching and my knees felt like they were on fire.

I was so sore but ran through it.

But by Friday, I felt great.

I’m getting carried away as I now do press-ups when I get home.

I’m up to 50 (on my knees!). I’ve learnt that it gets easier if you stick at it and then come the rewards as you start to feel great.

I need to burn off that cruise weight some how.