I like the busking point at seafront

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Have you seen the recent pavement art on our seafront, folks?

There’s a rather natty upturned hat with coins dropping in and underneath is written ‘Busking Point’.

Well that’s rather jolly.

But you’ll need to purchase a busking permit from the seafront manager’s office.

I noticed – well you can’t miss them – a lot of brightly-coloured banners on lampposts in Clarendon Road showing cyclists with outstretched arms.

Very colourful, darling.

The banners are asking motorists to give cyclists more space.

So how about some banners along the seafront promenade with pedestrians with outstretched arms, requesting the pesky pedal people to give us room to walk safely?

PPPs are back in their droves ignoring ‘no cycling on the promenade’ notices on litter bins.