I’m delighted that Matt’s off - can we have David back?

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CLIVE SMITH: The dressing-up corner is now no longer safe from the PC brigade

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Hooray, Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who – and I’m delighted.

No doubt he’s a good actor, but certainly not one of my preferred Doctors.

He’s too young for a start, and tries so hard to be quirky that the innate quirkiness of the Doctor is lost.

A fez and a bow-tie have none of the magic of a long scarf or baseball boots.

To me, they’re much more fancy dress than dressed fancily.

My disappointment in the latest series was really highlighted for me recently when I switched on the box and found David Tennant Doctoring his way, in completely spectacular style, through the library (remember that double episode? Truly scary).

Don’t suppose there’s any chance we can have him again, is there?