I’m hoping I won’t have driven my instructor round the bend

Blaise is concerned that we may lose sight of good old fashioned common sense to mob rule

In the clamour for instant justice we shouldn't give way to mob rule

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As this is my last column for 2013, I thought I’d look back and forward.

This year’s not been too shabby. A few highs and a couple of lows, but nothing major.

Next year I hope to achieve some personal goals, including passing my driving test by March as I have a bigg-ish birthday looming – one that has a zero on the end.

I’ll let you decide how old you think I’m going to be!

Hopefully I won’t have driven my instructor round the bend by then.

I’m pleased to say that I managed to pass my theory in just two weeks of revising and with the help of a phone app.

How I love modern technology!

May I wish you all a happy and safe Christmas and a sparkling 2014.

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