I’m shocked some parents ignore dangers of sunburn

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Although most of us have ended up having a little moan about how hot it’s been lately, the truth is that the spell of sunny weather has been a real treat after two years of seemingly constant downpours.

At last we’ve been able to enjoy the great outdoors.

But in among the daily warnings about the temperature and reports from packed beaches, one story really caught my attention.

Apparently, a four-month-old baby was taken to a hospital’s A&E department suffering from severe sunburn.

Four months old!

What the heck are some people thinking when they take their children out on a hot day?

With the best will in the world, application of factor 50 and the wearing of sunhats will only do so much.

Children can always end up getting a little bit of sunburn.

But a baby ending up hospital with serious burns? That beggars belief.

Wouldn’t you check your baby to make sure they were okay?

Do some parents put the turkey inside the oven at Christmas and then just wait for the smoke alarm to go off?

What is really alarming is that this wasn’t a one-off case.

Of the 14 hospitals with specialist burns units contacted by Sky News, almost two-thirds said they had seen a rise in the number of cases of severe sunburn among children in the recent hot weather.

I was in Gosport recently, hunting out some size 10 women’s shoes at the car boot.

Exactly why is another story for another day. But when I returned to my car, what did I see?

A mother outside on the pavement showing off her newborn baby of about a week to a group of cooing female friends.

There’s nothing wrong with that, you say.

But why, when the hot sun is beating down, would you take a newborn outside in just a nappy?

It’s not as if a baby’s skin is sensitive or anything at that age, is it?

Not to worry, a dollop of Sudocrem will sort out the sunburn.

Seriously shocking.