I’m trying to get my pesky legs to behave themselves

European workers including nurses, social workers and teaching assistants protest outside the Houses of Parliament in London before lobbying MPs over their right to remain in the UK.  Picture: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

RICK JACKSON: Why aren’t we on the streets protesting about Brexit?

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So, just under a month to go until a fog of Deep Heat and anxiety settles over Southsea as 25,000 runners line up at the start of the 25th Great South Run.

I hope to be one of them, though between you and me, my training could be going better.

It’s not that I’m unwilling to do the miles – but my pesky muscles seem to have other ideas.

That’s why I’ve been at the chiropractor, having sports massages to try and get my legs to behave themselves for the big day.

I’m not whingeing, but I do wish I was a little more confident.

Still, I will be there on race day, I will run 10 miles, and if it’s not easy then that just means I’ve earned my sponsorship money. Please donate at justgiving.com/gsr14