I take off my stetson to her because she’s looking swell

The Rev Canon Bob White with representatives of the groups involved in our Christmas campaignh run with churches in Portsmouth - Comfort and Joy

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Those quivering lips,smouldering eyes and bouffant hair (but no shoulder pads this time) are back.

It’s nearly 34 years since the legendary TV series Dallas hit our screens and brought glamour and skulduggery to us in the form of JR Ewing and his missus Sue Ellen, known as ‘Swellin’.

Well now it’s returned and I for one am loving it. But the one thing I can’t get over is how Sue Ellen looks younger now than she did decades ago.

Just how does the 71-year-old actress Linda Gray do it? I met her some time ago when she was in the play Terms of Endearment and I couldn’t tell if she’d had any nips or tucks.

Whatever her youthful secret is, I’ll take off my stetson to her because she’s looking mighty swell.