I think I’ll stop the Googling and not destroy the mystery

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My vision of a perfect first date is still pretty much what I grew up with – a romantic picnic and a ride in a Canoe Lake swan while discovering random common interests, such as peanut butter and marmalade sarnies, comic books and watching Deal Or No Deal.

But in 2013 life’s just not like that. You’re not floating around in a swan, or on a fluffy blanket in the park, having Champers and gazing at each other under the light of the silvery moon.

Nope. Your face is lit up by a computer screen, you’re swathed in a Hello Kitty Primark onesie and you’re not so much gazing as glaring as you prowl the likes of Facebook and Twitter for every shred of information on the man you’ve got a crush on.

Come on girls, we all do it don’t we? It’s called pre-dating or sleuthing.

We all want to find out about our possible boyfriend’s ex, what he does for a living and if he has any embarrassing photos of himself.

This is all as much a part of dating these days as swopping numbers and purchasing new underwear.

There’s nothing wrong with being a little picky. Too tall. Too high maintenance. Mummy’s boy. Next!

Of course the problem with doing all this detective work is that you hijack the chemistry.

In person you take into the account the way he talks, the body language and facial expression.

If, like me, you’re a Mills and Boon kind of girl, you need the fantasy. When you Google someone, no hormones are released.

It’s all so rational so we just don’t fall in love. And God forbid anyone who snoops on me and my Facebook photo album.

They would probably assume I’m a mad cat woman who likes to dress up in peculiar costumes whilst always drinking pints of lager.

So in future I think I’ll leave the Googling and not destroy the mystery.

If you have a good rapport with a guy or sexual chemistry, you’ll find that out within moments of a conversation beginning.

If not, then make a run for it or disappear into the ladies’ toilet and exit through the window.