I think it’s time that town started living in the past

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Is the one thing that was meant to save the high street actually sounding its death knell?

I’m talking about pedestrianisation.

Like many others, I enjoy the heritage pages set up plotting the history of our local towns and city.

Of course, the Gosport page is my favourite.

Wearing rose-tinted glasses is all well and good, but when looking at some of the fabulous photos posted from the 1960s and ’70s, I reckon Gosport High Street really was better back in the day.

Today, a walk down it really doesn’t inspire much.

Yes it’s easy to access the shops, but parking is not quite so straightforward.

Yes, there are plenty of car parks, but they are off the main strip and I feel a tad guilty if I use Morrisons just for some free parking.

I’d prefer to be able to drive down the high street, scanning which stores I want to go to before trying to find a place to park.

Old photos of the high street show it was a vibrant place, with plenty of well-known names.

There are lots of people on the pavements and plenty of cars parked up.

Access to the shops was easier by bus too, with stops half-way up the high street, dropping you outside where you wanted to go.

It just seemed more convenient back then.

The bus station in Gosport was opened in 1972.

Today, it’s a dark shell of a place, left well and truly behind the times.

Only a handful of the stands are used and the large stand-by bays are always empty.

Why not open up this space and arrange the buses as they were in the 1960s?

There were four oblong islands which the buses turned into, facing towards the shops.

I’m also wondering how popular the lido would be today? It’s now an empty boating lake and car park.

What a boon to Gosport this would have been over the past two summers.

It’s time the town started living in the past.