I think that shocking pink looks tacky

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No, no, no South Parade Pier. Not chewing gum pink.

You’d think, being a devotee of the colour pink, that I’d love the newly-painted ice cream parlour on the pier.

Well I don’t. I think it looks extremely tacky darling – and that’s not just my opinion either.

Last Sunday whilst strolling along Southsea seafront a couple called me over to point out the pink paint job.

Like I could miss it. You could see it from the moon, dear.

They commented that surely pink was not in keeping with our Victorian Pier, a listed building.

Speaking with other Portmuthians who’d love our pier to be transformed from grotty to glorious, they were also appalled at the ‘pink’.

Perhaps the pier owners could stop and think twice before they slap on any more bright paint.

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