I’ve been on radio longer than Bieber’s been alive!

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It seems everyone around me is either getting promoted, finding a new job or being head-hunted.

Meanwhile I’ve been doing the same job for 21 years.

Justin Bieber hasn’t been alive as long as I’ve been on the radio!

So do I want to climb that corporate ladder? Am I really that ambitious? Or am I complacent?

These are all questions that have been running though my head in recent weeks.

How do you quantify success? The size of your office? The car you drive? The amount of money you earn?

I do have a tinge of jealousy when I hear how friends have nailed that interview, then received the call saying that they’d got that promotion.

Getting their own office and a company car. Wouldn’t I like some of that?

Am I management material?

I think I am. I have plenty of experience and my CV is full of superlatives which would make any managing director of a radio station at least want to get me in and speak to me.

I also think I could lead a team of presenters.

I’d want to lead by example, but would also have a clear idea of the direction I’d like my team to take.

Well this sounds good to me. Maybe I am management material.

But as I put my CV together, my wife then reminded my of why I am not in management. My mentality!

I am still the ‘clown of the class’ as my teachers put it.

I still like to entertain, be the centre of attention and make people laugh.

These are not attributes for a good manager.

So the penny dropped. I already have the perfect job because I get to be myself everyday on the radio.

Oh, I’ve thought about trying for jobs in the big smoke.

But I’ve lost count of all the presenters who have been there for a couple of years, then decided it’s not for them and returned to the regions.

Nope, I’m more than happy with my lot. Things don’t get much better than where I already am,

I don’t have to wear a suit and when things go wrong, people laugh.