I’ve lost 30lbs - but I have to do it again

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It’s the case of the disappearing divine double D dumplings, dear.

I’ve recently lost 30lbs in weight. Yippee. But instead of coming off my tum and bum wobbly bits, it’s been bye-bye to the boobies.

How have I done it? A combination of Zumba Fitness and removing wheat from my diet.

Ooops, I’ve just used the word ‘diet’. And, as you folks know, dieting doesn’t work in the long term.

In 2003 I went on the Atkins Diet and the weight fell off, but two years later it was back, with even more extra pounds added.

I’ve recently read up on The Dukan Diet.

Looks good, but complicated, so I can’t be doing with that. With another 30lbs to lose, I’m going to stick to the old-fashioned, but proven way to lose weight. Eat less, exercise more.